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As a longtime resident of Northglenn, Colorado, Roger W. Westlund has unparalleled knowledge and highly valuable experience with Colorado law. Roger has been practicing law in Colorado for over 32 years. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado, and Washburn University School of Law.  With a master's degree in counseling from Denver Seminary; he is one of the founders of Crossroads Counseling Associates in Northglenn, CO.

Mr. Westlund's areas of expertise include mediation, alternative dispute resolution, family law, divorce, child support, spousal maintenance and related needs. His compassion and understanding of these most difficult issues will help you through these traumatic times, and will instill confidence as you work to resolve them. In addition to family law matters, Mr. Westlund has extensive experience in the preparation of wills, trusts, estate administration, and estate planning. Wise and thoughtful decisions about the distribution of your property and protection of your family take careful counsel and consideration, Mr. Westlund’s priority and specialty.

Lastly, Mr. Westlund is a gifted source for business law, working with Corporations, LLC's and Small Businesses. If this sounds like the kind of attorney to help you with your legal needs, contact Roger W. Westlund personally by phone or e-mail.