Over 30 Years of Experience in these practice areas:


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Although Roger has a broad range of knowledge, his expertise is mainly focused in the following areas:

Mediation and alternative dispute resolution - the resolution of disputes throughout the legal system is often expensive, adversarial and generally not satisfying in its conclusion. Roger W. Westlund can assist you with alternative methods to help resolve often difficult and troubling disputes with your spouse, business partners or others with whom you have disagreements.

Family law, divorce, child support, spousal maintenance and related needs - in the circumstance in which family law issues confront you, Roger can help you to deal with emotional concerns and help you to protect your interests surrounding these most traumatic issues.

Wills, trusts, estate administration and estate planning - making provision for your estate, the transfer of your assets, and most importantly for the care of people and organizations important to you is an essential matter for most people. Roger is able to guide you in these important matters and give you the comfort that comes from knowing your wishes have been provided for.